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Vaccine Mandates: A Roadmap

In episode 74 of Civilly Speaking, host Sean Harris and guests Ashlie Case Sletvold, managing partner with Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane & Conway, and Chris Lalak, partner with Nilges Draher, discuss vaccine mandates and exceptions and look ahead to the future of vaccine mandate constitutionality.

Practicing Law in a Multi-Generational Firm

In episode 73 of Civilly Speaking, host Sean Harris talks with Rob and Mary Erney from Erney Law about the benefits and unique challenges of working in a multi-generational law firm.

How to Maximize your Paralegal’s Potential

In episode 72 of Civilly Speaking, host Sean Harris talks with Candess Zona-Mendola, Senior Trial Paralegal with The Lange Law Firm and featured speaker at our upcoming Paralegal Convention about how to best use your paralegal’s skills to optimize your firm’s work.

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