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Reflecting on 30 Years of Practice

In this episode of Civilly Speaking, host Sean Harris talks with Brian Wilson, an attorney from Canton, OH. Brian has been practicing law for over 30 years. He recently sat down and reflected upon what he has learned during that time. Throughout the episode, Brian shares those reflections in hopes they will benefit other attorneys.

Statistically Speaking

In this episode of Civilly Speaking, host Sean Harris talks with Hans Nilges, an attorney from Massillon, OH. Hans believes plaintiff attorneys are lagging behind other great professions when it comes to decision theory. Throughout the episode, Hans makes his case for evidence based legal decision making.

Make the Most of Your Client Intake

In this episode of Civilly Speaking, host Sean Harris talks with Ashley Rutherford Starling, a trial attorney from Columbus, Ohio. Ashley offers valuable information on the client intake process when handling garden variety personal injury cases.

Celebrating 50 Episodes with Dr. David Ball

To celebrate the 50th episode of Civilly Speaking, host Sean Harris talks with special guest, Dr. David Ball. David is the co-founder of the Reptilian Trial Advocacy Method and the nation’s most influential trial consultant. During this episode, David shares his insights on a variety of topics, including unsuspected brain damage, damage drivers, premature advocacy, and more.

Focus Groups: An Inside Perspective

In this episode of Civilly Speaking, host Sean Harris talks with John Camillus, a trial attorney and co-founder of Camillus Trial Consulting. As an attorney and co-founder of a consulting company that specializes in focus groups, John shares a unique insider’s perspective on why they are an important trial preparation tool in an attorney’s arsenal.

The Skills to Take Your Career from Good to Great

Host Sean Harris talks with Stephanie Hanna, an attorney and a networking and professional development coach. Stephanie runs her own business, The Other 85, where she coaches law students and attorneys to help them navigate their professions, build their reputation and develop their careers. During this podcast, Stephanie discusses the other 85, the soft skills that can help build and further your career.

What is E-Discovery?

Host Sean Harris talks with OAJ member, Mark Abramowitz, about technology and E-Discovery. Mark discusses different databases that should be used in Discovery to organize and structure information even when it falls under an unstructured category.

Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation System

Host Sean Harris talks with OAJ member, Chelsea Fulton Rubin, about the interaction between the workers’ compensation system in Ohio and politics.

Conversation with Justice Melody Stewart

Host Sean Harris talks with Ohio Supreme Court Justice Melody Stewart. Justice Stewart talks about her law background and her time on the bench throughout her career.

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