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Elections and judicial are two great pillars of democracy, and they’re really only as good as what people believe them to be. So that perception is as important as the work that’s done.

– Judge Jennifer Brunner, Episode 64

It made me a better judge in understanding how if judges and other officials protect the rule of law, it leaves little room for corruption to worm its way in.

– Judge Jennifer Brunner, Episode 64

I would really encourage more of our members to take a couple of years and serve in the general assembly… if you want to make a real, long-term difference for the state and for our clients as a whole.

– Dennis E. Murray, Jr., Episode 62

I think it made me a much better lawyer because I was able to relate to more people and frankly, just running and giving presentation after presentation and speech after speech with very little time between just made me better on my feet and I think that’s always going to help us be advocates for our clients.

– Dennis E. Murray, Jr., Episode 62

Gamesmanship, within the rules, is part of litigation.

– Judge John O’Donnell, Episode 63

I would say from a practice tip perspective, make sure that if you have discoverable information, you have given it over. And you’ve made clear to your opponent, essentially by giving over what you have – and it might be limited – that you believe the evidence that’s most supportive of your cause of action is in your opponent’s possession.

– Judge John O’Donnell, Episode 63

We are one of the few organizations really pushing its members to get involved in the electoral process this year. And if there’s ever a year to do it, this is the year.

– Rick Topper, Episode 61

I think we’ll move away from, you know, giant offices for partners or giant offices for upper level management and the corporate structure and kind of go to a more, a smaller office space with the opportunity to use conference rooms or things like that.

We have to keep our relationships by understanding where legislators are coming from with the bill while actively, thoughtfully and rationally talking through the impacts of the bill and why we have different opinion than the sponsors.

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