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If we were capable as human beings of turning the clock back and eliminating injuries like this altogether, that would be the preferred result. But with the inability to do that, providing resources to make life as whole or as close to normal as possible is really what we’re trying to achieve.

– Brian Miller, Episode 66

We hear this repeatedly: “I just want an answer. I don’t know what happened.” Just to give our client the satisfaction and peace of mind by telling her “It’s not your fault; you did nothing wrong” was priceless.

– Eleana Drakatos, Episode 66

That’s why we do this. This is why we as lawyers have to make the right calls and step forward to do the best we can for our clients but also the best we can for our communities.

– Allen Tittle, Episode 66

The results we get not only help make our clients’ lives better, they can also use the funds to memorialize their family member, create awareness by sharing their stories, and affect change.

– Andy Young, Episode 66

Everything that might have happened in ten years is happening now, and some of it is here to stay.

– Charlie Rittgers, Episode 65

People’s habits have changed and there are some things that after we come out of this pandemic, are going to be permanent.

– Michael Brown, Episode 65

Elections and judicial are two great pillars of democracy, and they’re really only as good as what people believe them to be. So that perception is as important as the work that’s done.

– Judge Jennifer Brunner, Episode 64

It made me a better judge in understanding how if judges and other officials protect the rule of law, it leaves little room for corruption to worm its way in.

– Judge Jennifer Brunner, Episode 64

I would really encourage more of our members to take a couple of years and serve in the general assembly… if you want to make a real, long-term difference for the state and for our clients as a whole.

– Dennis E. Murray, Jr., Episode 62

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