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How Technology is Changing the Law Office

Host Sean Harris talks with OAJ member and Cleveland attorney, Jeff Johnson, about effective law office technology, specifically in workers’ compensation practices.

A Look Inside the Practice of Insurance Law

Host Sean Harris talks with Cleveland attorney and OAJ member, Bobby Rutter, about insurance law and hot button issues happening in the industry.

Bringing Philanthropy to Law

Host Sean Harris talks with OAJ member, Jim Murray, about curative damages and restorative justice. Jim provides insight and tips on how to incorporate these philanthropic initiatives into your practice.

Robot Cars & the Future of Auto Liability

Host Sean Harris speaks with Daniel Hinkle, the Senior State Affairs Counsel at the American Association for Justice, about robot cars and the future of auto liability.

Taking Traumatic Brain Injury Cases and Winning

Host Sean Harris talks with Michigan attorney, Steve Gursten from Michigan Auto Law, about traumatic brain injury cases and tips for winning these cases.

How to be an Effective Dealmaker

Host Sean Harris talks with Jeff B. Cohen, a California attorney and former child actor best remembered for his role as Chunk in The Goonies, about what it takes to be an effective dealmaker.

A Millennials Perspective on the Legal Industry

Host Sean Harris talks with internet and technology attorney, Andrew Rossow, about millennials in the legal industry.

Everything you Need to Know About Zero Turn Mower Cases

Host Sean Harris talks with Columbus attorney and OAJ member Mike Rourke about zero turn mower cases and surprisingly, how common they are.

How Lawyers can use Social Media to Build Their Brand and Show Their Human Side

Host Sean Harris talks with Mitch Jackson, an attorney from Orange County, California, about different ways law firms can use social media to build their brand as well as how to show their human side to gain more clients.

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