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How Lawyers can use Social Media to Build Their Brand and Show Their Human Side

Host Sean Harris talks with Mitch Jackson, an attorney from Orange County, California, about different ways law firms can use social media to build their brand as well as how to show their human side to gain more clients.

The Art of Negotiating

Host Sean Harris talks with Columbus attorney and director of the American Negotiation Institute, Kwame Christian, about how to become a better negotiator.

Selecting the Right Expert Witnesses

Host Sean Harris talks with Cincinnati attorney and OAJ member Sarah Tankersley about how to select the right expert witnesses.

Police Misconduct Cases

Host Sean Harris talks with Cincinnati attorney and OAJ member Al Gerhardstein about police misconduct cases, specifically violations of the fourth amendment.

Understanding the Basics of Nursing Home Litigation

Host Sean Harris talks with Cleveland attorney and OAJ member Nancy Iler about nursing home litigation.

An Update from the Ohio Statehouse

Host Sean Harris talks with OAJ’s Executive Director, John Van Doorn, about legislation pending in the Ohio Statehouse.

Preparing Clients for Testimony

Host Sean Harris talks with Columbus attorney and OAJ member Dan Mordarski about preparing clients for testimony and whether or not preparation is necessary.

Probate 101

Host Sean Harris talks with OAJ member Susan Richlak about the intersection of probate law and personal injury law.

An Intro to Stock Broker Malpractice Claims

Host Sean Harris talks with plaintiff attorney, Dave Meyer, about stock broker malpractice claims.

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