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October 2020

Elections and judicial are two great pillars of democracy, and they’re really only as good as what people believe them to be. So that perception is as important as the work that’s done.

– Judge Jennifer Brunner, Episode 64

A Conversation with Judge Jennifer Brunner on Election Law

In episode 64 of Civilly Speaking, host Sean Harris speaks to Judge Jennifer Brunner, one of eight state appeals court judges of the Tenth District Court of Appeals in Franklin County and a candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court.

It made me a better judge in understanding how if judges and other officials protect the rule of law, it leaves little room for corruption to worm its way in.

– Judge Jennifer Brunner, Episode 64

I would really encourage more of our members to take a couple of years and serve in the general assembly… if you want to make a real, long-term difference for the state and for our clients as a whole.

– Dennis E. Murray, Jr., Episode 62

Why More Trial Lawyers Should Run for Public Office

In episode 62 of Civilly Speaking, host Sean Harris speaks to Dennis E. Murray, Jr., a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, about his experience as a politician and why more OAJ members should consider running.

I think it made me a much better lawyer because I was able to relate to more people and frankly, just running and giving presentation after presentation and speech after speech with very little time between just made me better on my feet and I think that’s always going to help us be advocates for our clients.

– Dennis E. Murray, Jr., Episode 62

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